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2011 trat ich auch an meinem Geburtstag auf.
me 2011
Foto: 2011 in Bonn
It all began with classical music, singing in the church and other choirs - of cause in German, eaven in the opera Carmen and for our chancelor Adenauer. Of cause thats a long time ago, like me playing the violin, the viola and the flute. Classical music, I became a progressive rock musician only later.
Oh yeah, we were admired for beeing a pretty progressive rock band, and my lyrics were mostly German: 1982 with my some times quite  funky Avantgarde-Band Fantasy Factory 

That´s where I came from as musician.  Surely I was a progressive German rock musician in the seventies and the beginning of the eighties. I could read in newspapers that I sung and played my guitar exellently. It was me who composed most of our music, and made the lyrics.
Yes, we were pretty well known regionally. I made love with a beautyfull singer, but we never cared for the business, and never published a record.
It was just the music we loved, the applause and the lovely ladies. And we were young...

Of cause theoretically I knew this had to change,  but I could not imagine how. Me and my band Fantasy Factory got infected by jazzrock and black music too, ´cause I loved dancing so much. So I loved the Stones, Steely Dan, Taj Mahal (and many more...), and you can hear faint echoes eaven today.
I could not imagine beautyfull ladies would force me to make children with them (or leave me) - and I would love it. That I would prefere to earn my money not so dependent of the music most people liked.

So I visited India and Iran, and when I was back I got 3 children from 2 ladies. I made my career, and I got allmost killed by some political idiots. Thats why I got interested in our health system. Of cause I never would have foreseen this.
Here my health politics after I have got a life dangerously wounded brain by political violence with text and lyrics in English, with my song:   Two Times Help . Of cause the most of my songs about this got German lyrics: NieMehr (never again), Erfolge und Glück (success and love),   BondingRap .
Most of my songs presently I do publish on
I do think my songs still got traces of my "progressive" beginnings. Of cause while I have been working elsewhere I have been playing the blues longtimes, and I have learned to play also the alto-sax, just listen. On my present tracks every note thats me (only expressions: some drum-tracks, and laydies voices).

So just tell me: Am I still a German progressive musician?

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